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Terms and Conditions

Photography and Videography Consent:

By participating or attending any Family Learning Aquatic Programs (FLAP) activities, including swimming lessons, events, workshops, and other related functions, you acknowledge and consent to the capture and use of photographs or videos. FLAP, along with any hosting or partnering facilities, reserves the right to use these images or videos for educational, promotional, or other related purposes in various formats and media.


Accuracy of Information:

Applicants and participants affirm that all information provided to FLAP is accurate and truthful. Providing false or misleading information can lead to disqualification from the scholarship program or other appropriate actions by FLAP.


Liability Waiver:

Participants in any FLAP activities, events, or programs, including those hosted by FLAP or its partners, acknowledge the inherent risks involved. By agreeing to these terms, participants and their guardians release FLAP, its hosts, partners, and associated organizations from liability for any accidents, injuries, or other occurrences that may happen during these activities.


Data Privacy and Sharing:

Personal information collected for the FLAP Scholarship Program is used solely for administering the program. FLAP is committed to confidentiality and will not share this information with third parties, except as required by law or with program partners for facilitation purposes.


Attendance and Compliance:

Parents/guardians are responsible for ensuring the regular attendance of scholarship recipients and adherence to program rules and safety guidelines. Failure to maintain regular attendance or comply with these guidelines may result in disqualification from the scholarship program or other FLAP programs.


Amendment of Terms:

Family Learning Aquatic Programs (FLAP) maintains the right to revise these Terms and Conditions when needed. Such changes may be implemented at any time. While FLAP is committed to the highest standards of program delivery, it cannot be held liable for any outcomes resulting from these amendments.

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