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Life Preserving Swim Courses

Building confidence in the water, one splash at a time.

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About Us

F.L.A.P Family Learning Aquatic Programs is a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing survival swim lessons for young people. Our organization was founded with the belief that every child should have the knowledge and skills to stay safe in and around water. Through our programs, we aim to teach children essential water safety skills and give them the confidence they need to enjoy the water while staying safe.

FLAP Scholarships

Lifesaving Skills for Your Child.

Water safety is essential for every child. Our scholarships offer the opportunity to learn life preserving swimming skills in a nurturing environment. It's about equipping every child possible with crucial skills for a safer future. Click to find out more and help your child take this important step.

Support FLAP's Mission

Finn Swimming FLAP

Are you committed to improving water safety in your community and helping young people learn essential survival swim skills? Join us in supporting F.L.A.P's mission by making a donation today. Your support will help us continue to provide high-quality instruction to children and families, and ensure that everyone has access to life-saving swim lessons. Together, we can make a difference and help keep our community safe in and around the water. Donate now and help us make a splash.

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Green Bay, WI

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